The third most authentic destination in the World

Only from this point you can fit the three towers of Ghent in one frame.

Without moving a step,  you will eternalise the Graslei and Korenlei, with the Gravensteen in the distance. This is an outstanding place for a Photo shoot.

Be sure to return after sunset and admire the literally and figuratively sparkling,

often prized illumination of the City of Ghent.

Sint-Michielsbrug  has been the symbolic entrance to the city since the World Exposition in 1913.

Today the bridge forms another boundary: cars are no longer welcome in the largest traffic-free centre in Europe. That is why National Geographic proclaimed Ghent to be the third most authentic destination in the World in 2008.

In earlier days there were “penshuisjes” against the south façade of the  Groot Vleeshuis, where the poor could buy intestines.

Today you can buy tastier food there. The little stairs behind the building lead to a romantic hidden path. Behold the beauty and calm of the water from the benches.

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